It is a real pleasure to welcome you on the website of Plannord Equipments Ltd.

Since its beginning in 1976, Plannord Equipments Ltd, with the hard work of all his staff, has constantly distinguished itself by the concerns of always pleased his customers.


Plannord Equipments Ltd wants to be recognized as the leader in terms of sales and service for snowgroomers, municipal vehicles, in addition with off-road transporters.

Our priority is to offer the best service possible to our customers within a warm and pleasant environment for our employees.


Plannord Equipments Ltd started in 1976.

At its beginning, the company was located in Chateau-Richer, close to Quebec City and was the distributor of Bombardier ‘’utilitary’’ vehicle for the eastern part of Canada.

In 1988, Plannord Equipments Ltd bought the Bombardier division of Clement & Freres from Louiseville, the oldest Bombardier distributor in North America. This distributor existed since the 40’s and he was also operating an office in Montréal.

In June 1994, mainly due to the business growth, Plannord Equipments Ltd moved to the south shore of Quebec City and in 1998, following the enlargement of his territory, Plannord Equipments Ltd had to relocate his Montreal’s office in Laval.

It is in 2003 that our manufacturer sold his ‘’utilitary’’ vehicle division to Camoplast Inc.

Since 2006, we are now representing 2 manufacturers: Camoplast, for our municipal and our off-road transporters division, and Prinoth for our grooming division. Our territory covers the province of Quebec, and the Maritimes region.


Approximately 40 employees are currently employed to serve our customers at our 2 locations.

We are all highly motivated to serve our customers and to develop our expertise to always bring the latest technological innovations in our field.

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